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·        What is Hire Jungle?

·        Who can use Hire Jungle?

·        How does Hire Jungle work?

·        How to post an ad on Hire Jungle?

·        Do I need to register to post an ad on Hire Jungle?

·        Safety on Hire Jungle

·        Why my ad is not being displayed?

·        Why my ad has been removed from Hire Jungle?

·        How can I insure my items when hiring out?

·        What can I do if my item has not been returned in same conditions?

·        Where can I complaint?

·        My item has not been delivered, what shall I do?



What is Hire Jungle?


Hire Jungle is the first online platform that enables individuals or businesses to hire and hire out goods and services


Key features:


-        Geolocation to find both products and services in your area

-        Post Free Ads

-        No transactions fees

-        Set your required deposit when hiring out

-        Open for individuals and businesses

-        Available in English

-        UK only


Search results are synchronized, so any search will display both services and relevant products for hiring and DIY.


Get started by Posting Free Classified Ads here. You can register simply by filling this form.


For more information check about us section.



Who can use Hire Jungle?


Any individual or company, whose registering user is over 18 years old and what to hire or hire out a product or service.


Further information at:


-        Terms of use

-        General posting rules



How does Hire Jungle work?


Hire Jungle was designed as user-friendly as possible. Nevertheless we will keep upgrading our website with new features following your valuable feedback.


Here are some guidelines for beginners:


Looking to hire products or services?


-        Check our homepage for most hired products, services and latest deals.

-        Use our search bar and type what you want to “Hire... In....”. You can narrow your search by selecting “advanced search”.

-        Alternatively, browse by category at the left hand side of our homepage. Once you are in the search results page, you can always keep narrowing your search using the search filter on the left-hand side.

-        Check the prices, location, rating of users and other relevant information.

-        Find your deal and place your hiring enquiry.

-        Always bear in mind our safety advice.


Looking to hire out products or services?


-        Register and Post Free Classified Ads.

-        Check our general posting rules and items not allowed.

-        Select the appropriate location and category for your listing.

-        Fill in the posting form.

-        Complete your profile information.

-        Check for our solutions to Promote your ad.

-        Share your ad in social networks to get more exposure.

-        Wait to be contacted for hiring deals.


Only registered users (“Members”) can hire out on Hire Jungle. Members hiring out products or services should fill in all the information required at Hire Jungle’s Post an Ad forms. This information needs to be authentic and Members should keep it updated.


The Member is not allowed to list any contact information in his/her Ad title or description. Banned contact information includes: physical address of the hiring point, the owner’s address, fax or telephone, email address or a website address.


Hire Jungle does not apply transaction fees. Once a Hirer place a booking request, a confirmation email will be sent to both the Hirer and Owner providing their contact details and any other relevant information.


Hire Jungle offers a standard template of hire contract agreement that Owners can use for hiring out their products/services. You can download the template here. Hire Jungle has no responsibility for the content or outputs of each hire agreement, as further defined in our terms of use.


You will be able to define the amount of deposit required to pay for hiring your products.



How to post an ad on Hire Jungle?


Posting an ad in Hire Jungle is FREE. To post an ad on Hire Jungle you can simply click on the top-button “Post an ad”.


Then follow the instructions and complete the required information by category. Always bear in mind that your ads may follow our general posting rules, terms and conditions, as well as items not allowed on Hire Jungle. 



Do I need to register to post an ad on Hire Jungle?


You do need to be registered to post an ad on Hire Jungle. However, simply by giving your email you can start posting ads, and complete your profile information afterwards.



Safety on Hire Jungle


Safety is at the core of our corporate values. We keep monitoring our web content to avoid not allowed items, potential online scams and frauds. If you want to report an item or user, find the "report this Ad" button on the listing.


Having said that, always bear in mind that e-commerce has its own risks.


Here are some points to bear in mind and also advice on how to trade safely on Hire Jungle:


Low risk categories


Several of our categories are risk free, others low risk, for example:


-        Car hiring: we enabled a car hiring system that benchmark UK companies and provides the best possible price.

-        Jobs/services: you pay for a service provided avoiding scams and fraud. Make sure you don't pay in advance.

-        Housing: you arrange to see the accommodation, then you rent. Don’t ever think to send money before viewing a property!

-        Products collected at destination: avoid scams and deliveries fraud.


Potential risky categories


Watch out any of the listed products that have any of the following conditions:


-        Products listed by individuals vs products listed by companies.

-        Products to be shipped.

-        Products to be paid in advance.


Hire Jungle cannot guarantee 100% of safety across the platform. Transactions are agreed by third parties hiring and hiring out. 


Some useful advice from us to trade safely:




·        Check the user feedback/rank.

·        Evaluate the shipping cost. Sometimes users undervalue their items but then overcharge the shipping trying to obtain an unfair deal.

·        Read items’ descriptions carefully.

·        Be suspicious if the deal seems to be too good to be true. Get informed in detail.


Not Recommended


·        Don’t use money transfer services for payments like Western Union, MoneyGram or bank transfers. These payment methods could lead to online scams of products not shipped or fake users.

·        Never receive money/cash cheques for doing nothing. These are scams for money laundry detailed later in this page.

·        Never reveal your passwords.


Online Scams


Watch out the following potential online scams that any internet user will face at any e-commerce website, including Hire Jungle:


·     Official emailsIf you receive an email that claims to be official, on behalf of Hire Jungle, please dismiss their instructions as they are fake users spamming for potential scams opportunities.


·     Cheque overpayment or clearing chequesCheques are not a common payment method for e-commerce, so we recommend avoiding them. Having said that, a possible scam occurs when you receive a cheque worth more of the value of your item offered. Then you are asked to send the difference back for any reason - what really happens is that the cheque is cleared into your account but for few days, therefore you finish loosing the difference of money you sent back.


·     Fraudulent payment websitesAnother potential scam can take place when you are asked to complete payments or make deposits for any good or service into another website. Usually these websites are used by fraudsters that will receive your money and never appear again. 


·     Work from homeIn some cases “work from home” listings are bad intentioned looking for money laundering or other fraud. You should dismiss any job asking you to receive and cash cheques, as this practise is commonly associated to money laundry - you receive unknown money that should be sent to another person in exchange of a commission. Additionally, any job that requests you to invite, recruit or sell the system to others is considered a “pyramid scheme” that we don’t allow on Hire Jungle.


·     Overseas tradeHireJungle.co.uk has been created for operations only in UK. Therefore, any request for overseas payments, deposits or hiring deals could be potential scams to watch out.


Report a safety case


If you feel you have been victim of a scam or criminal action, here you have some useful links:

·        Report your safety case to Hire Jungle. Find the "report this Ad" button on the listing for more accurate results.

·        Make a claim to the police

·        Table of police forces in the United Kingdom



Why my ad is not being displayed?


Please make sure before contacting us that you have checked your ad status at My Jungle admin panel.


Your ad may not be displayed yet for some of the following reasons:

-        It’s not in line with our general posting rules;

-        It has expired;

-        It’s still being processed.



Why my ad has been removed from Hire Jungle?


The following are some of the reasons why your ad may be removed from Hire Jungle:

1-      It does not comply our general posting rules or Terms of Use;

2-     It has been reported and it’s under investigation;

3-     You simply can’t find your ad.


For the abovementioned cases 1 and 2, you will receive an email from us explaining the reasons and with recommendations on how to solve the problem. Please make sure you check your junk email.


If you haven’t received our email and you can’t still find your ad, please double-check your Member dashboard at My Jungle, or contact our customer support that will be happy to help.



How can I insure my items when hiring out?


Hire Jungle is not providing at the moment a payment gateway on site, as the transactions should be completed by third parties and we don't want to charge transaction fees.


Our solution to your concerns on potential items returned in bad conditions or stolen is simple: when hiring out your product, we allow you to define amount of deposit required to hire that item. Deposits are paid directly to you when meeting with the client, according to your accepted payment methods.



What can I do if my item has not been returned in same conditions?


As Hire Jungle is not part of the hire contract between the owner and the hirer, you shall agree with the hirer how much money you are going to retain from the deposit he/she paid in advance.


We strongly recommend defining this policy and detailing the damaging costs as much as possible in the contract before hiring out. For more information you can check our Terms of Use.



Where can I complaint?


Hire Jungle is not responsible neither liable for disputes generated on the hire contract conducted by third parties. Therefore, we recommend that you resolve any disagreements by contacting the other party directly.


Hire Jungle does not provide a resolution centre to attend disputes, as we are not involved in the transactions by third parties. However, you can express your disappointment by ranking the client or reporting him/her to Hire Jungle. Alternatively, feel free to send us your feedback; we are always looking to improve our website.



My item has not been delivered, what shall I do?


We encourage all users to “collect at destination” when hiring any product via Hire Jungle. If somehow you agreed with the owner to deliver the item, you should double-check with the owner the reasons why the item has not been shipped yet.


Check our safety advice to operate risk-free on Hire Jungle by clicking here.

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